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Lavender pillow and Eye Mask Set 
with flax seed

Starting bid: $15.00 (Retail Value: $20.00)
Bid increments: 50 cents
Shipping: $2.00 to US, $3.00 to Canada, contact seller for international
1-3 days from purchase
Ships from Pennsylvania
Description: This handmade pillow and eye mask set is made with beautiful embroidered cotton fabric. Can be used to aid in sleep, make a headache better, lessen muscle aches after a long day, or just used for aromatherapy,

The eye pillow is 3 layers. Inside the pretty outside fabric is a layer of white muslin, and inside that is an organic white cotton batting filled with fragrant French lavender and organic flax seed. I have sewn 6 pockets in the batting covering to keep the lavender and flax seed distributed evenly, then placed the batting inside the muslin and embroidered cotton fabric covering. It measures approximately 10 x 4 inches. The large size makes it also appropriate for use on the neck for those tired muscles we get from being on the computer a lot!

The lavender pillow is made with matching embroidered fabric and the same white muslin lining, and inside that I stuffed 100% nonallergenic polyfill sprinkled liberally with the same lavender and flax seed. It is nice and fluffy and oh so pretty. Use it as a pillow insert or just place on the nightstand next to your bed. Give it a squeeze before bedtime and doze off into restful sleep. This is fluffy enough to be used as a travel pillow for car or airplane travel. It measures approximately 11 x 8 inches.

The beauty of this combination of lavender and flax seed is that the flax seed has an ability to retain moisture, and as such can be heated or cooled and will retain the temperature longer than a pillow made with just the lavender. The lavender is so fragrant, and will last a very long time, even years. When the aroma gets less, just give the pillow or the eye mask a little squeeze to release more of the fragrance!

TO HEAT: The eye mask (also for neck use) can be placed in the microwave for 20 seconds before use. If you have a microwave that is powerful, try using it first at 50% power or shorten the heat time until you know how the mask will react in your particular microwave!

TO COOL: Place eye mask in plastic and place in your refrigerator or freezer and wait a bit (or put it in before you leave for work so it will all ready for you later in the day!).


Please note that measures are approximate. I make each and every pillow and eye mask individually, with great care, and try to make them about the same, but individually hand made items can vary a little bit!

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