How the Auction Works

There will be an Auction the 2nd week of each month.
It will run for 7 days (Monday - Sunday), at which time people may bid on your items.
Each shop will get their own blog post.  
(If you would like to see a finished page - check out Octobers Auctions.)
~ You pick the 1-5 items you would like to auction off.
~ Decide on a starting bid, something you would be comfortable selling that item for.
Please keep in mind that the lower the starting bid, the better chance you have of getting bids and selling the item.
Suggestion: Start with at least 25% off your item. More would be better if you can do it.
Remember that the bidder is also paying the shipping.
You may get only one bid, or you may get none - it will all depend on who's shopping and what they are looking for.
~ I will set up the bidding forms and the blog posts. Promoting is up to you :)
~ I am looking for placed to advertise the Auctions - if you have ideas, please let me know.

1) Your Shop Banner, it will link to your shop.
2) the link to your on-line shop
3) photo's of the items you want to auction off.
4) and this information:
Item Title:
STARTING BID and Retail Value:
Bidding Increments (either 50 cents or $1)
Shipping: state whether you are shipping US only or international
Approximate Shipping Time Frame:
Shipping From:

♥**♥ PLEASE send me the info in an email this way: ♥**♥

Item Title: Braided Scarf
STARTING BID: $12 (Retail Value: $20)
Bidding Increments: $1
Shipping: $5 US & Canada, contact for International Shipping rates
Approximate Shipping Time Frame: Ready to Ship
Shipping From: Canada
Description: Crocheted in 3 pieces, braided, then pompoms added at the ends for fun :)
The scarf measures 80" long (including pompoms) and 3" wide.
Cozy and fun scarf for winter.
** Made in a smoke free & pet free home.

The items you want to auction off can be from your shop - or something brand new, not listed. It's up to you.

Does this make sense?
If you have any questions - please ask!

EMAIL the info above to hclauctions @
Label the Email - HCL Auctions

If you would like to see a finished page - check out Octobers Auctions.

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