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ponytail hat, knit Hat Ponytail, red, Cowl

Starting Bid: $13.00 (Retail value: $23.00)
Bidding Increments: $1.00
Shipping: $ 3.00 USA $5.00 anywhere else.
Description: Hat Ponytail, Cowl in One, Perfect for everyday wear with any style clothing and is made with 100% acrylic yarn.
This hat works with ponytail, hair up or down and keeps you cozy warm on any cold day. Hand knit in 100% acrylic yarn.
Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Carefully squeeze out excess water and roll in towel to absorb remaining water, then lay flat to dry.

Grey Hand Knit, Infinity Scarf

Starting Bid: $20.00 (Retail value: $30.00)
Bidding increments $1.00
Shipping: $ 4.00 USA $ 6.00 anywhere else.
Description: Grey Hand Knit, infinity Scarf
This beautiful cow is easy to wear and a great accessory, just the right amount of warmth and flair. Is perfect when you want the warmth of a scarf, but none of the extra length or weight. Keep you neck warm with this cowl.
This luxurious piece can be worn wrapped up as a cowl, pulled over the head as a hood, or worn loose as an infinity scarf.
Can be worn inside outside coat and jacket. Or wear with a tank top and sweater. The possibilities are endless.
Made from Home Spun; A richly textured bulky yarn with a silky-soft-to-touch quality.
98% acrylic/2% polyester blend.
Care instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with a delicate detergent or wool wash. Roll in a towel to remove excess water and lay flat to dry.

Crochet Poncho Shawl

Starting Bid: $30.00 (Retail value : $50.00)
Bidding increments $1.00
Shipping: $ 5.00 USA $9.00 anywhere else
Description: Warm and trendy Crocheted Shawl Poncho. A great coverup for those cool days or evenings.
A Classic poncho like this, never goes out of style. This crocheted ladies poncho can be worn beautifully with just about anything.
Maroon - Fits all sizes.
Hand washing and flat drying recommended for this item. Fold to store.

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